Things and stuff and amazon

I added amazon affiliate links to some stuff I bought and like.

I’m not good at buying things. It is easier online than in a box store, and a thrift store is easier than box store, but I hate shopping.

I’m decent at acquiring things.

Free stuff is more my jam, and thrifting is much easier than most stores

I figured out awhile ago that part of why dumpster diving and free cycling is easier for me to get things from is because there is a limited time window and limited choices and there is more freedom to give up on the things if they don’t work

and I’m honestly jealous of folks who can just buy the thing they want from a store

stores are hard for me. I don’t feel confident, I feel like I’m taking up space, and generally, what they have doesn’t feel worth whatever price they’ve got

With free stuff the worst is terrible terrible bugs, which is real bad and I haven’t had to deal with yet but I fear it. With free stuff you end up pressured to take a thing and sometimes that things needs to never make it into your house and what happened was you helped someone throw trash away.

A fail case for free stuff is sometimes you’ll fall in love with a thing and it breaks and there really is no way to replace it because it was one of a kind

I once got shoes that were worn to perfection and super comfortable and cozy and cost $3 and I still think about them, bit I only got to wear them for like 7 months

2 thoughts on “Things and stuff and amazon”

  1. I’ve never thought about the immediacy implications of consumerism. Or that one would not feel able to take up space for making purchases. It is an enlightening look into your mind and it has allowed me to make sure I’m not pressuring anyone into taking my cast-off, free things, or personally thrifted items.

    I totally agree on the shoe thing. I have a neon obnoxious pair of tennis shoes I got for about $2.50 a few years ago. They are the most comfortable and obnoxiously loud shoes I’ve ever owned and I can’t find them to replace my pair as they near the end of their life cycle.

    1. A blog comment!
      You just made my day!
      I should probably engage with my own blog more often than the once a month or so that I do.

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