Meme Correction

White text on black background, looks like a boomer meme where they printed it out on a piece of paper (wasting ink like it’s affordable!)

if you think you are smarter than the previous generation … 50 years ago the owners manual of a car showed you how to adjust the valves. Today it warns you not to drink the contents of the battery.

black text on a white background which I added:

which means enough folks from the previous generation were drinking the battery for the warning to be added

EDC – Every Day Carry

Things I Carry

Everything on the hanky goes in the ginger chews container, which includes my eye glass cleaner cloth, the hanky itself (cool elephant on it was my grandmas), and my headphones, I also have a kaweco sport fountain pen (which makes me feel fancy), a new to me business card holder thingie (so fancy). The lil knock off moleskin is my wallet at the moment (I lost my wallet and I’m in mourning / waiting on all new cards and nonsense). Not pictured, the phone that took the picture.

I’ve been investigating fountain pens for the past few years. They’re interesting. My in-laws gave me one for Christmas a few years ago. I like them, but they’re hard to carry fearlessly in my holsters, so when I saw the kaweco sport fountain pen on sale, I went for it! I do rather with I had one of the metal ones (which I found out about reading this pen post), but I also know I’d be heartbroken if I lost an expensive pen.

A little more tidy

I keep all this junk (+ keys & phone) in my holsters.

What I carry it all in + keys & phone

I’ve been wearing holsters instead of a purse for over 10 years now. I love it. I have tried a variety of vendors on Esty. My current pair is from who I originally found on Esty. The shipping is pretty rough from Europe, but worth it. I have sewed my own pair (which worked okay but I haven’t bothered to again) and I tried leather, but the cloth just works better for me.

I wear my holsters over my top and under my outerwear. For the first six months at my job I wore it hidden under sweaters all the time because I wanted to figure out if it would be okay at work or not.

The responses I get to it are: oh! you must be *have a bad back, *goth/kinky, *carrying guns. The last one is mostly a Missouri thing. I once had a checkout person at Petsmart get super excited about me maybe having guns on me and told me all about the gun he had in his work locker. I am both very pro-gun control and pro-gun hobby (though I don’t have one), which I wish was a more common gun stance. When I lived in NYC I had a bodega clerk who said I “look like a lady cop” I asked if that was okay and he said “this neighborhood? this time of night? yeah!”