This is my scoby:

It is gelatinous and turns sweet tea into kombucha. I read an article about kombucha and the author named their scoby Toby, so my scoby is Toby II.

I got a scoby from ebay, as well as these cool flip top bottles.

flavors are:
peach & ginger,
strawberry mint,
mango passionfruit & ginger,
tazo chai concentrate & ginger,
peach & strawberry mint

I tried the tazo chai concentrate tonight. It turned out well. And fizzy! Not super fizzy, but fizzy enough. I am happy with how this project is going.

Kombucha is not the only culture in the house. I’m using instructions from

Rose has a sourdough that often becomes fun pancake adventures. E.T. is baking bread. He has gone through, no lie, a hundred pounds of flour during this pandemic.

In addition to that, the yard is yielding strawberries. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get one. Late one-night E.T. witnessed a baby possum gorging itself. I don’t mind sharing the bounty.

We also have an outdoor compost pile in addition to the worms. The bin was an old one from my mom that I drug back from Kansas. She wasn’t using it because it was broken. I fixed it with zip ties!

Another hippie thing I have is this rain barrel. It is very good at catching rain.

So the end of this story is: I’m a hippie. It’s going great. I have a lot of culture.

once upon a bath

a million years ago
it was a day of hard things
I don’t remember the things
but I remember the exhaustion
my apartment didn’t have water
I was tired
you invited me over
you ran a bath
you gave me a glass of wine
I soaked
and your cats looked at me
curious and worried
and one of them let me pet ’em, not minding the water
and that moment is one I can call upon at whim
I revisit
how cared for I felt
how when you said “it’s no trouble”
I believed you
how I let go, and I just soaked

I soaked and your cats looked after me
and you looked after me
and it was magic