things from amazon

I thought about if I wanted to do amazon affiliate links and I decided. Sure.

My bedroom:

I use these bulbs

in this light fixture

and I love it.

I recently got this bedframe:

I got it so I can put storage totes under it and because ET likes having a tall bed. It’s been a nice upgrade from the last very similar platform we had, because this one has straight legs and it’s easier to get stuff out from under. Like the cat.

My Mom’s Guest Beds

My mom has two canopy beds in the middle room of her shotgun apartment. She’s pretty happy with it.

It is sturdy and it has held up well, but her obsession with pillows has motivated us to find a headboard to slide into the end of the bed. We dumpster dove one that works great, but I don’t have an amazon link for that 😉


I also got this faucet in my bathroom

and I love it too.

Bidets are a lifestyle upgrade. This one has held up well. I like the self-cleaning nozzle function.

I have long curly hair, and this is working great in our tub


I have some fancy kitchen stuff that I love and highly recommend.

I got two kitchen sink faucets that are basically the same for my upstairs and downstairs kitchens. I prefer the first one I got, which was this one:

my adorable rice maker

this most decadent countertop dishwasher – we have only a tiny bit of a countertop next to the sink, and it fits perfectly, and even holds our old dish drainer on top of it comfortably. It

ET and I drink tea. We have a lot of tea. I love this water boiler. It is excessive and perfect. When ET and I are both home it gets refilled probably twice in a day.