Monthly Archives: February 2011

I am going to move
I am going to live on Broadway
the move will require crossing two whole streets (I currently live off broadway)
I’m excited and nervous
but I am no longer scared
I’ve given my landlord notice
next I start packing

I have moved only a handful to times

when I was a child
from the old house to the new house
in highschool
from the new house to the old house
for college
to Brooklyn
from Brooklyn to Manhattan

a total of 4 moves
this will be my 5 move

my new place has a big kitchen and living room
I am going to move into a smaller room, and it is going to be cheaper for me
the apartment is going to be more comfortable
I am very excited about the whole notion

I’m nervous about packing
but as I only have to cross 2 streets to get to my new place
and I have 2 weeks to move
I’m not that nervous

I’m going to miss my nearness to the cemetery
but since my roommate was robbed near the cemetery I’ve been a bit more leery of it
Rob says I’m increasing my odds of surviving the zombie apocalypse by moving
I think he’s correct

it’ll be weird, but for 2 weeks
I’m going to have 2 manhattan apartments
I love living in Manhattan
I also like that now I’m going to live on Broadway
I feel like an expensive overly produced play!

so, apartment hunting was my excuse for not blogging
it’s a poor excuse
moving will be my new one

I had my first two classes
History of Human Rights and the History of the Cultural Revolution of China (1966-1976)
they both seem really good
one of my classmates was very nervous in the Cultural Revolution of China class
so afterwards I brought him to the library, made sure he could get into BlackBoard for class
and I got him a copy of the book he needed
he was happy, and I felt like a good librarian

but I took the elevator!
I had made a rule, no elevator at work
but I’ve forgiven myself since it was after hours

speaking of rules and forgiveness
the diet is going well
and I’m doing to do it for one more week
and than I’m going on hiatus from it for a week
as that is valentines day week and I don’t wanna diet for it
and after that week I’ll go back to the diet
do it for four more weeks
and call it done

I’ve started cooking with coconut oil, it’s delicious!

on Monday the gym reopens at my school
I’m thinking of trying the couch to 5K program
but if I find I don’t enjoy, I’m gonna stop
’cause I like doing stuff I like to do
I don’t like doing stupid stuff, and it turns out unfun it’d be stupid of me to do it, so I’ll stop

I want a dancing robot

at work I got a new minion
he comes in today
he’s an intern, in Library School
so he’s not a minion so much as he is henchman

my office has new florescent lights
it’s brighter and more comfortable

my diet is going well
and I seem a bit lighter

I’m doing Tim Ferris’s slow carb diet
he talks about it on his blog
but there’s more in his book four hour body

I had a fun weekend
and it rolled over into an amazing Monday!

there was brunch at Shopsin
where I order whatever I want, as Saturday is my diet cheat day
there was movies (total indulgence and shameful to admit, but the film No Strings Attached is pretty good)
there was general adventuresome times and running around with Rob
it was a good weekend

I’ve started doing a silly work out
it’s Muller’s My System
I saw an article & video about it on slate
and I thought it was fascinating
and I started researching it
I found the public domain edition of the book written
and I found someone who wrote a more accessible short howto summary of it
I’m on week one exercises, and so far I’ve been able to do it every day since I started
and on Wednesday I’ll switch over to week two exercises
and it only takes 15 minutes
I like doing exercises that people started doing more than a hundred years ago
’cause it’s funny

I’ve been working on improving my posture for a few years and I think I’m seeing improvement
and my shoulders / neck / back area seem pretty happy about it

Sunday I shopped and played a fair amount of Dominion

on Monday
I woke up, exercised, showered, baked up some delicious quiche
and I got to work on time

at lunch I played more Dominion
worked some more
played some more Dominion before my radioshow

hung out with friends
feed Rob some quiche

generally had a fantastic Monday

and now it is Tuesday
and I’m going to go do Tuesday things

today is cold and it’s gonna get all snowy
and I rather wish I could have hot chocolate
but tea is good
so tea I’ll have and do Tuesday things