Monthly Archives: December 2010

I’m going to be headed to Vancouver for 2 weeks
Portland for 3 days
and Kansas for 4 days
I’m leaving tomorrow
I’m nervous
I’m worried I’ve not packing correctly
that the gifts I had shipped to Vancouver won’t show up on time
that my minions will have trouble at work and won’t contact me
or that something else is going to go wrong
I’m looking forward to my upcoming adventure
my three week international travel vacation
I’m sad I can’t bring my unicycle
but I am going to bring my juggling balls
plenty of podcasts and videos on my cell phone
two books
gifts and such

it’ll be good

also I got my Soviet History grade – A-
I’m such an A minus student it’s silly

let us start with the less fun – my rent got raised and my landlords wife is sick (these are connected realities)
I can afford the increase, but it shook me up and that’s my excuse for not blogging, that and being busy
also I didn’t want a downer post, I wanted to add something more

this is my something more:

I got it last weekend. I’m getting really good at falling off of it (truly the first step). My ultimate goal is to ride it while juggling.

I am about to fall asleep in the lovely home of Martha my cousin once removed, her husband Ed and my second cousin Zephie.
So far I like Williamstown. :) I’m betting this will continue as a trend. I must now sleep for tomorrow there will be adventure and pancakes and I must be ready!

I came here via megabus to Albany and they drove me the 1 hour or so to get us to Allentown. The traveling went well. I was able to use both an electric outlet and wifi on the bus! Wifi is yummy.

Now I sleep!

For thanksgiving I went upstate and it was awesome
Earlier this evening i went to the gym
I have never done that before
It was rather surreal
A room full of people all of them moving around and doing stuff but not really interacting with each other or distracted by thoughts or whatever
Weird, cause I was doing that too. Not really thinking just doing and moving. Most weirdly I didn’t hate working out, it was not so bad, so I am gonna do it again, maybe make it a habit.

Tomorrow I am gonna travel to Massachusetts and visit my second cousins types. It’s gonna be awesome.

My soviet history class has been fun, if simultaneously totally depressing.