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T’was the birthday of my father yesterday
I failed to post this blog post until now

but, I did call many times
and I did get an on air happy birthday – which he heard
off my radio show Technocolor Radio Show on WHCR 90.3 FM
(streaming radio is good – NYC 15watt radio stations can’t generally be picked up in Kansas)


Happy Belated Birthday / Happy Birthday Week!
Have a good one Daddio!

yesterday I went for Sushi
with my friend Joanna
it was fun
we walked down from my home/school area
to the Kinoko – which I’ve mentioned before
4 mile walk!
it was fun and a pretty day
but I should have worn my shoes and not my sandals

then I stuffed myself totally full of sushi
and we sat at a table next to Janet and Julia and Maheneen and some other person I don’t remember the name of
Janet and Julia introduced me to the place – all you can eat sushi is a wonderful thing
Kinoko is fun – I’ve linked to the menupage of the place – and I don’t actually disbelieve the bad reviews – the service (out of my 3 visits there) has been spotty, but I generally follow the old adage of they’re nicer, when you’re nicer – and I found the sushi of acceptable freshness … than again, I ate sushi in Kansas – I’m not to be trusted

other bits of news-
I’m trying to switch my mousing hand – it’s tricky
and I watched an episode of some HBO show called the Conchords
it was clever-sih – and it is free online right now
so, if you’re bored, not a bad way to go

my dad just sent me a link to an article in the Pitch
about this trans-fellow (f->m) that I know from Lawrence
it was an interesting article

last night I had lotsa shiftyness to my plans
at one moment before wednesday – I thought – yeah rock climbing
and then that morning – no too tired
and then the Belinda and Pat were visiting
so maybe hanging with them
and then when I got home
I slept from 5 to 8:30 or so
and realized I didn’t want to leave
so yeah
it turned out last night was for lounging after all

a random thing to post
but I’ve been posting randomly
I really ought to go for my walk

Sometimes I think about how the things I’ve experienced are different from other peoples
sometimes I’m crazy, and I think, everyone knows these things
everyone has been there, seen that, other people know what I mean
but then I think about it
and I’m not so crazy
and I know that my life is different
that other peoples lives are different from mine
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So today has been a multitude of awesome, following a previous day of awesomeness
so, there’s be an awful lot of awesome
no not an awful lot, I ought to say there has been an awesome amount of awesome

so – my awesomeness today
top of the list
* finished with school! *
I took my last final (math)
I think it went well
life is good
before that
I hung out with Belinda and Pat who are in town visitin’
we hit a Caribbean vegan place which is nearish my school / place of living
Strictly Roots 2058 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. – or rather 7th ave & 123rd street
good stuff, really yummy and cheap (depending on how much variety you’re lookin’ for on your plate)
it was fun hanging out with them
I think I’ll do that more today

I thought I was gonna be late to my final
but I was a lil’ early

then I finished it
then I danced
now I blog
now I work :)

I am posting bunches!
it may be related to the absolutely awesome feeling of being nearly done with this school crap!
boy I’m glad to be nearly done

two tests left
math and greek and latin roots
I don’t need to take the Greek and Latin roots final
I’ll pass with out it
and I’m taking the class pass fail
but I will take it
because I kinda want to earn an A, even though it wouldn’t matter

I need to get above 15% on my math final to get a B
I can do that
I want to get above 80% on my math final to get an A in the class
I hope I can do that

I’ve turned in my paper today
they are both sitting in the boxes of the professors that are collecting them
one is due today – the other I am turning in early(!)
I feel so responsible

and very very rambly
lotsa posting of not much interestingness is a bad thing
but it gets the rush of words out of my brain

I’m gonna go get candy
because candy is good

I love fry bread
here’s my recipe 3 2 1 1/2
and by that I mean

3 tsp baking powder
2 cups flour
1 cup water (but really, whatever it takes is what it takes)
1/2 tsp salt (1 tsp is good too, then you can taste the saltness)

fry in a whole bunch of oil

add stuff
savory = beans – lettuce – onions – tvp (or substitute ground beef) – faux cheese (or substitute real cheese)
sweet = honey – powdered sugar – maple syrup – jam – ice cream (everything is good with ice cream)

that’s what Arthur and I had for dinner – the savory first 3 options
and for dessert we are having
frozen can o’ fruit
which is a very complicated summer recipe

freeze one can of fruit
take out of freezer
open – put frozen fruit
into blender
either add stuff or don’t
pour out into other containers

both these recipes can be vegan or not
it’s awesome
* I’m not vegan, but most all the recipes on this blog are – which I find amusing

Today I did many things
I finished my papers
I ate pasta

Arthur and I went for a walk
we sat in the nearby cemetary – it was pretty
and the crotch of my pants ripped out
we went to riverside park
we sat by the river
it was fun
I found a stick I like
I bought a plastic water bottle

here is the engrish of my water bottle

Shan Shui
Brand Space Cup
shining as crystal, 98% made of space glass. Unbreakable and durable from high temperature and high pressure. High intension, and stable brightness.
Unique-designed dual seal structure of the cover, leakproof of air and water. Never leaking even under long time inverted placed. Convenient taking with, more suitable for personal bags.

Schools almost done with. And I’m almost sane. Both the sanity and the school will end – yippy!

Arthur and I went for Thai food
it was all date
it was awesome
we did this talking and eating thing
and no doing dishes thing
and having leftovers and
the food was good and hot and spicy and fun and yummy

I will always associate Thai ice tea with Omaha Nebraska.

afterwards we hit a drug store
I got junior mints
’cause I’m revising two papers tomorrow
(they are both in advanced draft mode! Awesome possum)
and junior mints + papers = happy

at the drug store there was mass confusion
she charged me for twizzlers that were sitting on the counter
they weren’t mine
I said such – I said I hated twizzlers, that I didn’t want to buy them,
it was very confusing, as she then took my money and only charged for the twizzlers
while we were discussing how yucky twizzlers, in particular – coca cola ones are

while trying to explain, no I really don’t want those twizzlers, some guy had taken the junior mints and put them someplace else

so now, what I wanted wasn’t even around
it confused the clerk immensely
I ended up signing a receipt (twice) stating that I didn’t want twizzlers
so I could get a refund
and she counted up all the change again
I found out she hates fresh one dollar bills
and then she finally sold me my junior mints

it was chaos!
it was awesome

I’m glad I’ve embraced the chaos that occasionally stirs up around me
if I didn’t I’d probably be bummed
it was very strange explaining that I produced chaos and that the she needn’t feel bad
she seemed a bit perturbed by the whole process

now I’m home, and I ought to put the leftovers away
so away from my rambled blogging I go