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Well, I’ve experimented, and it worked partially. 1 frozen can of peaches, and one frozen banana, put into blender = good.

unfortunately that isn’t exactly what I did. Because the fridge here is CRAP I was forced to have, 1/2 frozen peaches and banana + ice = smoothie of goodness

I suspect that truly frozen peaches and banana would have made for a more sorbet like goodness.

Additionally, this was cheap fun and vegan! Very fun.

We have to get a new fridge. //sigh

Hola, Julia,
¿Qué tal? Mi verano es muy bueno. Mi novio Arthur y yo nos a Nuevo York en agosto dos mil cuatro. ¡Hace once meses que vivo aquí! Fue una suerte encontrar este apartamento tan barato y con bueno compañeros de cuarto. Pero yo quiero aire acondicionado.
Mi día típico: me desperto, voy a clase de español, después voy a la biblioteca por mi trabajar. Mi clase de español es ni fácil ni díficil. Yo muchas estudia y lo aprendo. Mi trabajar es facil. Yo trabajo con Rudolfo y él es simpactico y ingenioso. Algunas veces Edward visite mi en la biblioteca y a veces él no visite.
La fin de semana pasada Edward y yo visitamos un parque de la diversión, esta llamar “Rye Playland.” Es norte de mi universidad. Esta cuestó treinta dólares y entrada fue gratis. Nos divertamos. Me gusta las coasters. Nosostros lleguemos a las once de la tarde. Nosotros volvimos a las diez de la noche. Me gusta Rye Playland.
Yo escribiendo esta carta porque yo necesito ayudarte. Mi madre va a dar una fiesta de bienvenida para mí y ella necesita mis discos compactos. Yo necesito que tú traigas a Eva porque Eva va traer mis discos compactos. ¿Podía tú, por favor?
¡Y invite todos los amigos, y tus familia!
Escríbe pronto,
Lena Marvin

There’s some hawaaiian girl who is playing golf her name is Michelle Wie. She’s 15 years old, and she doesn’t care about the womens tourament, she’s going for the mens. There was an npr thing about it. The guy works for some sports magazine, and he went on and on about light weights not fighting heavy weights, and no reason to feel bad about it. He talked about how she’s taking attention away from womens sports. That’s what he seemed to what the main point to be, but instead he just kept talking about how women just aren’t as strong as men. He also made bible illusions. Here’s my question what does it take to play *golf*?! Are they swinging with their penises? Why is there even a seperation of sex in ye old sport of old.

Well, I just thought I’d rant about that, whole thing seemed kinda absurd. I’ll go to school now. /sigh/

I tried to make ice cream.

It didn’t work. I had coolish vanilla flavored milk instead /sigh/

I talked to my Grandma Ruth on the phone today. Twice actually. So that was interesting. She’s a good grandma with good grandma ways. Boy do I have to contact a lot of people. I’m feeling really guilty about that. I’m also really tied, and really hot. It’s really hot today. Like 70% humity or something awful like that, and 90+ degrees, probably like 93, or more. It’s worse in Kansas, but there’s AC where I lived. Arthurs all tough shit, doesn’t seem to phase him. He’s all worried about me because I’m looking sad. I think I’m looking over heated and ice-creamless. Oh well.

In the reality of my world, all goes well. I had a good day. Tiring but good. I have to remeber to return my roomates Lous videos to the NYPL for him. He’s off in vietnam and thailand and places like that for a while. I wanna go to China. Oh! that reminds me, Arthur is working on get his residence for NY. He’ll have cheap schoolin’, not a cheap as mine. Speaking of that wonderful scholarship of mine, the Honors College, I have finished all my volunteering hours needed for them. They wanted 30 hours in 4 years; I gave them 40 hours in 3 months.

I like volunteering at CVSA. I wish Susan (she’s the director) wasn’t such a luddite. Well, she’s not a total luddite, but CVSA should have a webpage! I’m not saying it should be the center of the world, but she could put a lil’ something something up, and maybe set it up so people could order the book through it. That could be very cool. //sigh

Well, its nearly midnight, I should start getting ready for bed. I’m all spanish brain dead. We’re doing a unit on shopping!

Well… me no gusta capitalismos.

And thus, I have a little trouble caring. Oh well, I should learn how to say scarf in spanish, it could prove useful. :)

night night

I’m feeling good. I’m making brownies. They aren’t vegan *gasp* they have both butter and eggs!

It’s very exciting. I saw the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. I was… I was not satisfied. It wasn’t sacrilidge, but it wasn’t what I wanted. Burton made a good movie, but the vehicle he used was wrong. It was an interesting film, and latex is dirty. :) Johnny Depp was not yummy in this film, nor was the candy, this made me sad.

Moving on. The population of all of Kansas is less than the population of all of New York City.

I’m going home for a visit from the 9th to the 25th of August. I’m excited. I think I might miss another common event. That could be bad… :-p oh well. Oh! and spanish is going well, I’m a bit worried because I only have another week and a bit until the final. I’m intimidated. But I’m studying.

Brownies are gonna be so good! I used this recipe and I added some melted chocolate chips to the butter. I’m excited about eating brownies! :)

Because what my personality needs at this instant is more sugar! $|_|G4R! It’s scrumpious.

:) Oh! And I’m gonna have a party while I’m home.

*a little later*

I’ve eaten some brownie. Very gooy. Very good. I broke the knob on the stove :(. This is sad. I think it can probably get better.

Arthurs going to get us a mp3 streamer thingie. A web-based juke box. Probably Jinzora . I’ll let you all know how it works out. :)

I think I should start a societie, perhaps secret perhaps not. Any ideas?

I wanted to read my book aloud to the subway train today. It’s a good book. American Gods by Neil Gaiman, very good. Zack said it was. I should have taken the book from him when he offered, but I very much like having my own copy. Very good. Heard Gaiman is writting a sequal. Very good. Makes Lena happy.

I’m going to have a giant party when I get home to Kansas. I’ll be here for my one year anniversary in NYC, I think Arthur and I should do anything special. Again, any ideas?

Oh. I’ve entered my scholarship thing. I have it posted up on the wiki. Very exciting eh?

yes… well anyway. I’m off to sleep. Good night

I am so angry right now. I am seething. I am at the end of rope, and I could just SCREAM!!

I brought my usb hard drive thingie to work with me to day and it was stolen! Neither of my coworks thought of this as a big deal. And Carlos did one of the most irritating things.

“I am so upset about this. I can’t believe someone stole it, I was only away from the computer for a minute.”

response : “So? I had my engineering book stolen. It’s worth $140. I forgot it in a computer lab and no one will return it to me. I put up signs. That was a week ago.”

Well la de da! That doesn’t mean that I can’t feel a little indignation over my tribulation! I was standing right there, I didn’t forget it somewhere, and it was two minutes ago not a few days! I don’t care how bad you were hurt “this one time” or how you have had it worse, respect my pain while I’m experincing, don’t disregard me because I’m not having happy fluffy emotions!

I WANT MY USB HARD DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I’m angry! I’m upset, and I don’t need you to be to self absorbed to realize that talking about a stupid book that was more than a week ago some how lessens my pain, it doesn’t!

I’m flustered, I’m upset, and I’m angry.

I wish people wouldn’t just disregard my emotions. I know I can be “silly” and “funny” and “weird” I know I have strong reactions to things. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to just brush me off and act like I shouldn’t have feelings!!!!!!

CURSING SWEARING CURSING SWEARING CURSING SWEARING … breathing, breathing, muttering, muttering, glaring, breathing breathing……..